News on 'EGP Implementation'

EGP Implementation

The State Government of Oromia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Procurement and Property Authority on the implementation of Electronic Procurement Methodology. October 16,2024 The Oromia Regional State and the Federal Procurement and Property Authority have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the implementation of Government Electronic Procurement. The E-Procurement Method will enable government procurement to carry out the procurement process online from start to finish using technology and will solve the problems encountered in procurement at a high level. E-GP was launched 70 years ago globally and 30 years ago in South Africa and six years ago in our country, said the Director General of the Federal Procurement and Property Management Agency. Despite many obstacles in the implementation of this procurement method, great success has been achieved at the federal level, he added. The guest of honor of the forum, Hon. Deputy President of the Oromia Regional State, Obbo Awwaluu Abdi said that for the obstacles in any aspect to implement this procurement method corrective action will be taken without any excuse to make the implementation of digitization which is pillar for the regional state. The e-GP will be implemented from the spring of 2014 as studies have been conducted to implement it, he said, adding that the Oromia Finance Bureau has been implementing various softwares in collaboration with bodies at various times to introduce procedures into system. E-GP is planned to be fully implemented in our region within the next five years. The forum was attended by leaders, finance directors of regional offices, Shaggar town, East Shawaa district and Lume district of East Shoa Zone.