About Us

Detail about our bureau Oromia Finance Bureau

<p>Oromia is one of the eleven regional states that constitute the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It extends from 30 40'N to 10035'N and from 34005'E to 43011'E. Thus it is located in tropical zone, though subject to modification by variation in altitude. On the basis of the current border delineation, the land area of the region is estimated at 359,619.8 square kilometers.</p>

Mission / Vision / Values


Preparing Regional development plan (annual plan) based on practical matters and implementation of budget, finance, procurement and public resource management systems to ensure that all aspects of resources are used in an effectiv, efficient, transparent and coordinated manner   so as to improve the life of the people.


<p>To see that the resources of the region is fairly and efficiently implemented &nbsp;and the region become continuesly developed to broungt people of the region out of poverty and become middle income society by the year 2024</p>


<p>Shared Vision, Eager for change, Participatory, Coordination, Team Spirit, Fairness, Transparency, Sense of serving, Led by plan, Accountability, Gender equality</p>

Staff Members

Mr. Tolesa Gedefa Bureau Head
Aschenaki Disasa Vice Head OF Bureau and Head of Plan and Economic Cooperation
Mohamed Junda Vice Head, and Head of Regional Procurement and Finance Administration
Tesfaye Chemeda Citizen Service Provision Directorate Director